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Veteran's Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC is a full-service landscape company that services numerous communities throughout Huntsville, Madison, and surrounding areas. We have been in business since 2013. We emphasize professional workmanship on all projects and desire to hire career oriented people that seek to be part of a team driven company.

If you ask a veteran what they miss most about the military, you will usually get a response "I miss the guys and the comradery that we had." This company started with expectations of creating an opportunity for the brotherhood/sisterhood of the military to continue in a positive, driven, goal-oriented environment after completion of military service. A company where co-workers would actually understand us, and also have an occupation that promotes within the ranks without corporate ceilings.

Veteran's Lawn Care is built on a foundation of integrity, honor, and service to others. These principles run deep, starting with our core team's prior military service, and transfers into every job/mission that we are hired to complete.

Employment opportunities consist of salary, full, and part-time, hourly, commission, and seasonal positions. We supply uniforms and all needed equipment/tools for our employees. American Patriots, Military Veterans, and team oriented individuals are welcome to apply anytime! We are always looking for talented and experienced landscape professionals.

Thank you for your interest in our VLC team! Veteran's Lawn Care & Landscaping is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace. We are currently accepting applications for multiple positions.

Please send your resume and application to: